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Name Collections of Items
Model Smart City Concept Model
Diagram of the Collections of Items view showing concepts and relationships. ITEMs are often grouped together so that they can be managed, or operated upon together. For example

* Housing Stock
* Vehicle Fleet
* Manholes
* Roads
* a Contracts Register

COLLECTIONs are defined by AGENTs so that the actual contents are either explicitly listed, or defined by a scoping statement.

COLLECTIONs enable lists of ITEMs to be defined, created and shared across a city.

Although the contents of a COLLECTION can be physical ITEMs, a COLLECTION is an ABSTRACT ITEM.

As a COLLECTION is itself, a sub-concept of ITEM, it's STATE can be described and tracked over time.
Link to the Abstract concept. Link to the Item concept. Link to the Collection concept. Link to the Agent concept. Link to the State concept.