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Name Cases
Model Smart City Concept Model
Diagram of the Cases view showing concepts and relationships. A CASE is raised when a SERVICE is used.

For a city, a case might be

* a crime investigation
* a planning application
* rectifying a fault on a network
and so on.

A CASE contains the EVENTs that are relevant to an individual use of a SERVICE, until the CASE is closed.

For some CASEs, a PLAN might be devised giving estimated times and RESOURCEs for future EVENTs.

An AGENT might maintain a series of ACCOUNTs, that contain a history of EVENTs that apply to one or more ITEMs, for example
* a medical history
* a customer history
* a criminal record
* a building maintenance record
and so on.
Link to the Account concept. Link to the Event concept. Link to the Agent concept. Link to the Plan concept. Link to the Item concept. Link to the Case concept. Link to the Service concept.