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Revision 2
Definition An achievement desired by an AGENT.
Model Smart City Concept Model
Notes An OBJECTIVE refers to a desired change of condition or circumstances of something (an ITEM). Where the change can be quantified, the OBJECTIVE might be linked to one or more TARGETs.

Where OBJECTIVEs are set for a COMMUNITY, the desire might be to change the size of the community, or the well-being of the PERSONs or ORGANIZATIONS in it.
Examples * Create new jobs in the Energy sector.
* Reduce Carbon Emissions in a city by 25% within 5 years.
Diagram of the Objective concept and its relationships to other concepts.Link to the Objective concept. Link to the Abstract concept. Link to the Assumption concept. Link to the Agent concept. Link to the Target concept. Link to the Decision concept. Link to the Plan concept. Link to the Service concept.


Objective influencedBy Assumption influences
Objective objectiveOf Agent hasObjective
Objective influences Decision influencedBy
Objective influences Plan influencedBy
Objective influences Service influencedBy
Objective objectiveHasTarget Target targetOfObjective

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2 04/11/2013 Paul Davidson Improve definition to refer to an AGENT.
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