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Revision 3
Definition A container of information, held by an AGENT, in which to record data arising from EVENTs that relate to an ITEM in a role.
Model Smart City Concept Model
Notes One of the Oxford Dictionaries definitions of ACCOUNT is "a report or description of an event or experience".

An ACCOUNT then is a collection of information that relates to one or more EVENTs. Those EVENTs will have an ITEM in common in a role and thus the ACCOUNT becomes a history of information about that role.
Examples * A Customer Account at a business
* The history of a Building
* Regular welfare payments to a claimant
* A Medical History of a patient
* Transactions that have been posted to a budget.
Diagram of the Account concept and its relationships to other concepts.Link to the Account concept. Link to the Abstract concept. Link to the Event concept. Link to the Agent concept. Link to the Item concept.


Account contains Event containedIn
Account ownedBy Agent owns
Account hasRoleFrom Item hasRoleIn

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