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Revision 2
Definition A PERSON, or ORGANIZATION, providing a SERVICE or taking a role in an EVENT
Model Smart City Concept Model
Notes One of the definitions of AGENT at Oxford Dictionaries is "a person or thing that takes an active role or produces a specified effect".

AGENT is used to make relationships where the type of ITEM could be either a PERSON or an ORGANIZATION.
Examples * Supplier
* Applicant
Diagram of the Agent concept and its relationships to other concepts.Link to the Agent concept. Link to the Item concept. Link to the Objective concept. Link to the Decision concept. Link to the Plan concept. Link to the Agreement concept. Link to the Resource concept. Link to the Object concept. Link to the Abstract concept. Link to the Organization concept. Link to the Person concept. Link to the Service concept. Link to the Account concept. Link to the Assumption concept. Link to the Collection concept.


Agent has Object of
Agent has Abstract of
Agent hasAgreement Agreement aggreementWith
Agent hasObjective Objective objectiveOf
Agent hasPlan Plan planOf
Agent hasResource Resource resourceOf
Agent takesDecision Decision decisionTakenBy
Agent uses Item usedBy
Agent makesAssumption Assumption assumptionMadeBy
Agent definesCollection Collection collectionDefinedBy
Agent owns Account ownedBy
Agent provides Service providedBy
Agent responsibleFor Service responsibilityOf

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