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Revision 3
Definition The capacity to carry out one or more METHODs.
Model Smart City Concept Model
Notes A SERVICE exists even if it is not accessed. For example, an Advice Hotline exists as a SERVICE even if nobody calls it.

SERVICEs are typically targeted at COMMUNITYs.

SERVICEs can consume RESOURCEs and give benefit.

A CASE contains information about an instance of a use of a SERVICE.
Examples * a hairdressing service
* a street cleaning service
* an energy supply
* an advice service
Diagram of the Service concept and its relationships to other concepts.Link to the Service concept. Link to the Abstract concept. Link to the Agent concept. Link to the Community concept. Link to the Objective concept. Link to the Method concept. Link to the Case concept. Link to the Rule concept. Link to the Agreement concept. Link to the Resource concept. Link to the Function concept.


Service contains Service containedIn
Service influencedBy Objective influences
Service providedBy Agent provides
Service responsibilityOf Agent responsibleFor
Service serviceImplementsMethod Method methodImplementedIn
Service usedBy Community uses
Service subjectOf Agreement appliesTo
Service containedIn Service contains
Service containedIn Function contains
Service raises Case raisedFrom
Service usesResource Resource resourceFor
Service hasRule Rule ruleFor

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EC SERVICE core vocabulary

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2 04/11/2013 Paul Davidson Notes and Examples.
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3 Change procedure to METHOD