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Revision 2
Definition A circumstance or condition of an ITEM at a time.
Model Smart City Concept Model
Notes The description and values of ITEMs will change over time, but most of these will not be tracked as a STATE. The decision as to when to track changes in the condition or cirmcumstance of an ITEM will be where a city wishes to bring about a change of that STATE.

Changes to STATE are often the outcome of EVENTs.

An OBJECTIVE can be described in terms of a desired change of STATE.

A STATE can be actual or potential, and can include Risks and Issues.
Examples * income
* housing
* repair
* employment
Diagram of the State concept and its relationships to other concepts.Link to the State concept. Link to the Metric concept. Link to the Assumption concept. Link to the Target concept. Link to the Item concept. Link to the Event concept. Link to the Place concept. Link to the Observation concept.


State outcomeOf Event hasOutcome
State stateOf Place hasState
State stateOf Item hasState
State isRecordedBy Observation records

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