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Revision 3
Definition A geographic or virtual part of space.
Model Smart City Concept Model
Notes A Place might have definite or indefinite boundaries.

Geographic spaces will be a position, line, area, or volume.
Examples Examples of geographic places may be
* a point defined by coordinates, e.g. the location of an incident
* a line, e.g. the route of a road or a pipe
* an area defined by a set of coordinates, e.g. a school catchment area
* a place referred to only by a name without attempting to define the area exactly e.g. a Town

Virtual places might include
* a forum
Diagram of the Place concept and its relationships to other concepts.Link to the Place concept. Link to the State concept. Link to the Event concept. Link to the Item concept.


Place contains Place containedIn
Place hasState State stateOf
Place placeOf Item atPlace
Place placeOf Event atPlace
Place containedIn Place contains

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3 29/06/2014 Paul Davidson Revised Definition to allow for Virtual Places
2 04/11/2013 Paul Davidson Link to Oxford Dictionaries definition