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Revision 3
Definition A group of PERSONs and/or ORGANIZATIONs that share common characteristics such as PLACE, circumstance etc.
Model Smart City Concept Model
Notes A Community is defined by an AGENT, in terms of the common characteristics of the PERSONs and/or ORGANIZATIONs that are contained in it.

The STATE of a COMMUNITY can be tracked without having to know the identity of each PERSON and ORGANIZATION.

A COMMUNITY might be composed of other COMMUNITYs. For example
* the Business sector might be composed of the Industrial sector, the Tourism sector, the Financial Services sector etc.
* the youth of a town are contained in the residents of a town.

The actual PERSONs or ORGANIZATIONs might change without changing the identity of a COMMUNITY, for example the 'Long Term Unemployed in a City' remains the same COMMUNITY even though some people have left it, and others have joined it.

Members of a COMMUNITY do not need to be aware of each other, and are not acting with a collective goal. If they are, then they are an ORGANISATION. For example, 'Long Term Unemployed', is a COMMUNITY, whereas 'The Job Seekers Club', is an ORGANIZATION.
Examples * Residents of a City or Town
* Commuters
* Carers
* Long Term Unemployed
* Low Income Families

* The Tourism Industry
* The Retail Sector
Diagram of the Community concept and its relationships to other concepts.Link to the Community concept. Link to the Item concept. Link to the Service concept.


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3 14/01/2014 Paul Davidson Definition now refers to PLACE instead of LOCATION
2 04/11/2013 Improved Notes.
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