Name Smart City Concept Model
Version 0.0.0

Prime Concepts

Account A container of information, held by an AGENT, in which to record data arising from EVENTs that relate to an ITEM in a role.
Agreement A negotiated arrangement between AGENTs as to a course of action
Assumption A predicted or presumed STATE.
Building A man-made structure, at a fixed or temporary PLACE, intended for sheltering PERSONs or other OBJECTs.
Case A container for information recording the history of EVENTS initiated by a SERVICE Demand.
Community A group of PERSONs and/or ORGANIZATIONs that share common characteristics such as PLACE, circumstance etc.
Decision A conclusion or resolution reached after consideration
Event An occurrence that has or might happen.
Method A pre-determined procedure, or series of steps, designed to accomplish an OBJECTIVE.
Metric A measure of demography, characteristics, activity or performance
Object A physical ITEM
Objective An achievement desired by an AGENT.
Observation An EVENT in which a STATE is recorded.
Organization A group of PERSONs with a collective goal.
Person An individual human being.
Place A geographic or virtual part of space.
Plan A list of steps with times and RESOURCEs, used to achieve an OBJECTIVE.
Rule an explicit or understood regulation or principle governing conduct or procedure within a particular area of activity
Service The capacity to carry out one or more METHODs.
State A circumstance or condition of an ITEM at a time.
Target A desired STATE

Group Concepts

Abstract Existing in thought or as an idea but not having a physical existence.
Agent A PERSON, or ORGANIZATION, providing a SERVICE or taking a role in an EVENT
Collection A grouping of ITEMS, as defined by an AGENT, that need to be managed, or operated upon together.
Item An individual article or unit, especially one that is part of a list, collection, or set.
Resource An ITEM that can be drawn on by an AGENT to produce a benefit.


Property Label Inverse Inverse Label Subject Concepts Object Concepts
appliesTo applies to subjectOf subject of Agreement Service
Decision Item
assumptionMadeBy made by makesAssumption makes Assumption Agent
atPlace at placeOf place of Item Place
of Event Place
caseHasPlan has planForCase for Case Plan
collectionContains contains containedInCollection contained in Collection Item
collectionDefinedBy defined by definesCollection defines Collection Agent
contains contains containedIn contained in Plan Plan
Organization Organization
Community Community
Case Event
Account Event
Service Service
Function Service
Place Place
has has of of Agent Object
Agent Abstract
hasAgreement aggreementWith with Agent Agreement
hasObjective objectiveOf of Agent Objective
hasOutcome changes outcomeOf outcome of Event State
hasPlan has planOf of Agent Plan
hasResource resourceOf Agent Resource
hasRoleIn has role in hasRoleFrom has role from Item Event
Item Account
Item Case
hasState has stateOf of Place State
about Item State
hasTarget targetOf of Plan Target
influencedBy influenced by influences influences Decision Objective
Plan Objective
Objective Assumption
Service Objective
memberOf member of hasMember has member Person Organization
outcomeOf outcome of hasOutcome has outcome Decision Event
ownedBy owned by owns owns Account Agent
planDerivedFromMethod derived from derivationOfPlan derivation of Plan Method
planForEvent plans event eventPlannedIn planned in Plan Event
providedBy provided by provides provides Service Agent
raisedFrom raised from raises raises Case Service
records records isRecordedBy recorded by Observation State
relatedTo related to Item Item
resourceFor for usesResource uses Resource Service
Resource Plan
responsibilityOf responsibility of responsibleFor responsible for Service Agent
ruleFor applied to hasRule has Rule Service
serviceImplementsMethod implements methodImplementedIn implemented in Service Method
takesDecision takes decisionTakenBy taken by Agent Decision
targetOfObjective of objectiveHasTarget has Target Objective
usedBy used by uses uses Service Community
uses uses usedBy used by Agent Item